Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Announcing a Local History "Meet-Up"

The Historical Society will sponsor a local history “meet-up” on Thursday, April 9 at Shiloh’s Restaurant in Woodsville, beginning at 5:00 PM.

The meet-up is an opportunity for area residents who are interested in local history to come together and share knowledge, reminiscences, and questions in an informal setting over dinner. There is no charge for the program and no registration is required, but participants must pay for their own meals.

This will be the first in what the Historical Society hopes will be a series of such meet-ups. Representatives of the Historical Society will be on hand to introduce the event and facilitate, but the discussion will be driven by the interests of the attendees. Whether recalling historically significant milestones or simply the daily customs of bygone times, participants will be invited to “hear a story / share story.”

Meet-ups are an increasingly popular format for events at which people gather regularly to discuss shared interests, often over meals. Rather than offering presenters and programs, meet-ups draw on the knowledge and enthusiasm of the participants themselves.

“Part of the mission of the Historical Society is to foster and support our neighbors’ interest in local history,” notes Robert Roudebush, a trustee of the Society and the coordinator of the meet-up. “We hope to create a regular event at which people will be able to share their own personal knowledge of our region’s history.”

Though registration is not required, since this is the first such event, the Historical Society would appreciate hearing from people who plan to attend. They may call or e-mail Roudebush at 603-787-6549 or roudewine1@charter.net.

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