Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Montgomery Letters

Dr. Kimberly Alexander has written a new blog post on SilkDamask that will be of interest to Haverhill residents:

"Approximately a dozen typescript letters (source unknown) written primarily by Myra Montgomery (October 1, 1794-April 14, 1817) to her cousin and subsequently, fiancĂ©, Horace Henry Goodman (December 22, 1785-January 3, 1849) survive in the Collections of the Haverhill Historical Society, Haverhill, NH. Although small in number, the letters nonetheless constitute a valuable source of information on a relatively affluent young woman in the early Republic. While living in a rural town, she had access to much wider intellectual, artistic and literary circles, through her Boston education at the progressive Mrs. Susanna Rowson's School and due to Haverhill's role as the seat of the North County Court system, which attracted several hundred individuals throughout the year."  Continue reading here.