Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink Granite Grange Quilt

As part of HHS ongoing Collections Care initiative, consulting curator Dr. Kimberly Alexander and Collections Intern Ariel Myers recently examined a quilt from North Haverhill. Dating to about 1928, it is an autograph quilt from the Pink Granite Grange, founded in 1894.

Despite the fact that some portions are damaged, it is nonetheless a significant reminder of local gatherings and pride in achievement. It features the "autographs" of both men and women and couples. (A list of names is available in the HHS.) Centrally located within a square of pink and red cherries, is the inscription seen in the image at right. The quilt reveals who pieced the quilt and who wrote the autographs for participants. Further, there are welcomes and greetings from the several committees including the Agriculture Committee. While the layout of the squares is deceptively simple, the use of visually strong printed cotton patterns of the 1920s is what makes the quilt so visually compelling. The graphic strength of the black and white prints juxtaposed with the pale lavenders, pinks, and blues harmonize to create an attractive whole.

Several other quilts, including a "crazy quilt" survive in the HHS collection and will be the subject of future posts.

If you are interested in contemporary quilts, don't forget to visit the North Haverhill Fair and the Stoddard Building for excellent examples by 4H youth this week.

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